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Skimmers & Drains EasyPro EasyPro 4 Inch Bottom Drain WITH Air Diffuser

EasyPro 4 Inch Bottom Drain WITH Air Diffuser  FREESHIPALT

EasyPro 4 Inch Bottom Drain WITH Air Diffuser
  • Model: EBD4A - Includes Air diffuser
  • Welded FPT threaded inlet eliminates the need for rubber coupling.
  • Threaded center stand pipe securely attaches dome lid to base.
  • Sixteen stainless screws securely attach liner ring to base with water tight seal.
  • Heavy duty, roto-molded design offers superior strength.
  • EBD4A incorporates an air diffuser into the dome lid - incoming air is delivered up through the center stand pipe allowing air tubing to be installed under liner.
  • EBD4A tubing adapter is 1/2", recommended air flow through diffuser is .5 - 1.5 cfm.
  • For use with 4" schedule 40 PVC fittings and pipe, use 4" male adapter to connect to 4" pipe, use 4" x 3" reducing male adapter to connect to 3" pipe
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EBD4AEasyPro 4 Inch Bottom Drain - WITH Air Diffuser$199.95 Free Shipping

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